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I support the call for an independent inquiry into the policy of torture and abuse. I believe that accountability is a requirement to prevent repeating these violations of law. We are a country based on the rule of law with a long history of holding everyone accountable to the law regardless of position or rank.

Suggested Reading on accountability by David Gray, an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Maryland:

Is Accountability Part of the Change Agenda

From his article, "You are asked to serve because of your intelligence, skill, and bravery; you choose to serve out of honor. None of these should be left on the dais when you take your oath."

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An Excellent Radio Interview

The host, George Kenney, posed very intelligent questions. Check it out:

George Kenney interview of Matthew Alexander on

Lastest Radio Interview with Paul Harris on KTRS

I had a great discussion the day before Christmas with Paul Harris on KTRS 550 AM in Seattle. You can listen to it at The link is also at the right.

Feedback from an Anonymous Reader

I think it was a really important thing for him to have written that book -- he offers a perspective that few people would even imagine without having read his book. I hope lots of people read it. It humanizes war and helps people realize that the people on the other side are people too, and helps understand how they can do what they do. Makes things less black and white.

I'm really glad I read it.